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Know Your Stuff® from the Insurance Information Institute

Is your home insured with Wright, Finnegan, and Carter Insurance Associates?  Take advantage of this free resource to strengthen your coverage

Insurance is not a one-and-done purchase—your policy requires constant attention and with the reliable team at Wright, Finnegan, and Carter Insurance Associates, we have you covered.  There are many important strategies, however, that when utilized, build up the overall security afforded by your insurance policy.  Unfortunately, many insured do not use all of the tools available to them to reach total security and peace-of-mind.

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One such tool is homeowners inventory, a document that we encourage all of our home insurance customers to take advantage of.  Taking proper inventory of the assets within and around your home is an indispensable strategy that when properly utilized, can save you significant time, headache, and money.  With comprehensive documentation, the claims process is far more effective as a result of taking proactive steps early on.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) is an organization dedicated to making the often-difficult subject of insurance more easily understood to the public.  Through the III, we at Wright, Finnegan, and Carter Insurance Associates are promoting the Know Your Stuff® program, a free software and mobile application, to our insured in Yorba Linda, Placentia, and throughout Orange County, CA.

Know Your Stuff® not only makes the homeowners insurance inventory process efficient and easy, but also readily-accessible and updatable.  Hosted by the III website, you will be able create a custom inventory shaped around the unique design of your home and special contents that make it a great place to live.  You will be able to log on and update your account from anywhere, whether at home in Yorba Linda or across the country.  Though we can't see the future, we can be as well-prepared as possible.  Read on below for more information on using Know Your Stuff® to bolster your defense.

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